The Very First New Digital Advertising Medium In A Long Time

InPage is a lot more than only a revolutionary Web Advertising tool. It’s the first new digital advertising medium in a long time. InPage lies to benefit from the upswing in internet marketing and provide total brand control while developing a dynamic new market segment web other platforms states Grant Jackson, Chief executive officer of InPage, the organization which has developed this latest internet marketing solution.

Previously companies haven’t been in a position to effectively leverage online branding on the web and attain the same effect as traditional brand campaigns within the print and broadcast media. InPage now delivers exactly that, a mechanism to brand, control and manage advertising on the web.

We feel that InPage will attract prevalent attention in the media, advertisers, site proprietors and also the public because of its fresh and different characteristics. The first unveil of InPage will concentrate on the Internet because the delivery platform for that solution.

Jackson states InPage is made to transform the means by which advertising is displayed and managed not only on the internet sites but on almost a unlimited number of platforms. InPage is able to deliver its full screen, full motion Ads to just about any screen that’s attached to the Internet and/or network connected. Including numerous devices for example mobile phones, electronic bill boards, kiosks, fridges and screens. We feel this unparalleled versatility along with InPage’s effective underlying delivery mechanism can create large-scale interest available on the market.

The development of television advertising and also the effect it’d on the way brands could be produced and managed has brought to situation studies being introduced as educational course material using the first advertiser, Coca Cola, deriving unequaled exposure. It’s not not reasonable to visualize that InPage could consume a similar path and provide the same return to organizations that adopt and utilize this medium.

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