5 Top Tips for Preparing Your Website for Black Friday

Black Friday grows bigger every single year, with consumers keen to scoop the best deals on gifts for the holiday season, or even big purchases they’ve been putting off.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for retailers to really boost sales, with customers actively seeking to spend money at this time of year. Many people do most of, if not all of their shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and if you play it right, your business can really benefit from what are now the main Christmas shopping days.

If you are gearing up to promote your business for Black Friday, you’ve probably had a think about planning your social media campaigns, PPC and Facebook advertising, and retargeting efforts, but what about your website itself?

We had a chat with Way Fresh, a Newcastle-based web design agency, who said: “Making sure your website is prepared for the busiest shopping days of the year is just as important as your marketing campaigns, but many businesses do not make it a priority”.

With this in mind, we have put together our five top tips for preparing your website for Black Friday.


Many sites go down on Black Friday because they aren’t prepared for the extra influx of traffic. Even huge retailers like John Lewis, Boots and Argos have been caught out because they didn’t accurately predict how much extra traffic they would get and prepare accordingly.

It’s a good idea to talk to your hosting company and discuss what offers and promotions you have planned, and your bandwidth requirements.

Site speed

There’s nothing more frustrating than spotting a great deal, but the website being super slow to load. How many times have you given up because you became annoyed, and took your business elsewhere?

Don’t let this happen to your business, and make sure your website isn’t super slow. Google provide a site analysis tool, which identifies things which you could improve to make your site faster.

Landing pages

You don’t want to entice customers with great deals, only to have them drop off your site before they convert. For this reason, it’s very important that your landing pages are optimised properly.

Get rid of distractions such as site navigation, keep the design of the page simple, and text concise.

For more about what makes a great landing page, Kissmetrics have put together a useful infographic.

 Optimise for mobile

It is essential that your website provides a good user experience for mobile users, as 56% of traffic now comes from mobile devices, according to this article from Marketing Land.

Your best bet is to implement a responsive design, which will resize depending on the device viewing your site. Google favours responsive design, and you are also all set for future device releases, as you will not need to rebuild for lots of different screen resolutions.

Design and layout

Is it easy for your potential customers to navigate your site? Make sure that your calls to action are clear, your navigation is easy to understand, and also that your site is visually appealing.

Providing a good user experience is essential, so take the time to maintain your site to the highest standard.

 It’s important to keep these things in mind at all times of the year, but especially so in the run up to the busiest shopping days of the year. With a properly maintained website, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be painless and highly profitable.