Why use file and USB devices encryption programs

File and USB encryption programs:

Not long ago, USB drives were considered as a luxury and not a necessity. It was deemed to be a remarkable and truly undisputed creation of mankind that wouldn’t see maturity or decline stage. It became quite famous in a very short period of time due to the fact that it was always portable, easy to use, convenient enough, and much more. Be it files, folders, songs, documents, etc. USB drives came to the rescue whenever needed.

USB drives going towards the end:

But the recent era has observed a decline in the use of these portable storage devices due to very many reasons. For example, these drives are no longer as safe as they used to be in the previous days. Moreover, the hackers and cyber goons of the today are far more smart and superior in terms of technology to use against you. The worst part about these drives is that we usually use them in running systems, public PCs etc. and do not realize the demerits related to it. With the passage of time, these USB drives are filled with viruses, Trojans and other similar type of harmful threats to which the average user finds difficulty to deal with. But getting these viruses on your drive is only a small part of the consequence as in case of ransomware, (virus) your data would be taken away from your possession and later you would be asked to pay hefty amount as ransom to get your files back.

Other means of storage:

For this very reason, most of the users of the modern century have moved on to another storage option i.e. cloud storage. Again it offers convenience, is user-friendly and adequate enough to mankind’s needs, but still hasn’t been able to get the trust of the user. This is natural as even the USB drives (in the beginning) took time to settle down and become a market leader.

USB drive – still the most convenient option to use:

But if you are still not in mood of using the cloud storage option, than you may stick to the regular, reliable, USB storage option. Since these devices remain under your possession, it sounds rather safe than giving up all of your data to someone you do not trust (cloud storage). Below are some of the reasons why you need to use a USB encryption program or file encryption software for your very own sake:

  • When you insert your drive into a public PC, the encryption software would make sure your data doesn’t get harmed even if that PC is infected. Hence, your data stays safe as long as it is encrypted using an encryption software and it will prevent Data Leaks from USB Drives & Block Unauthorized Devices from Hacking Confidential Files on Your PC.
  • In case of a file encryption program, your files would act in the same manner of being invisible to the prying eye even if stored on your PC. Even if these hackers are able to get through the security layer, they won’t be able to see or access the information of your files as while in encrypted form, your data is distributed into meaningless bits of information.
  • Viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans etc. would not be able to make any harm to your data as long as you keep them encrypted with a security tool.


If cloud isn’t an option for you or if you do not trust the cloud as of yet, stick with the long lost storage option. However, since, the time we’re living in has brought a lot to be thankful for but the same era has some demerits as well. A few meager steps can help us get rid of all the troubles and worries easily. However, not taking those steps can make our lives a living hell. In addition, a little help from encryption programs and security tools wouldn’t hurt and would act as prevention path between your system and the prying eyes.