Companies Using Collaborative Robots in Their Assembly Lines

Universal Robots has completely revolutionized automation with their game changing robotic models known as the collaborative robots or cobots. These robots are made safe by a feature that enables them work harmoniously with the human workers side by side hence the name collaborative.

The UR collaborative robot arms are also able to handle the assembly of plastics, woods, metals and any other materials. The safety features which is a Universal Robots’ patented technology limits the forces of the cobot when it comes into contact with a human and can also operate in a reduced mode when the worker comes close to the robots’ working area and resume its maximum speed when the person leaves.

This rapid development of the collaborative robots has enabled companies engaging in assembling tasks to adopt the use of the cobots to come up with an efficient robot assembly system with the aim of increasing their overall performance and quality of their products. Below are three reputable companies that have embraced the use of collaborative robots to solve their production challenges in the assembly lines.

·         SHAD

SHAD is a Spain based company that makes accessories for motorcycles; recently the company has been experiencing an increase in demand for their products which sparked the need for them to find a long lasting solution to handle the demand.

The company chose UR5 as the robot assembly of their choice since it perfectly met their specifications which included; the ability to be easily moved around the production facility, easily reprogrammable for handling the shifting product demands and its ease of use.

The UR5 works harmoniously with SHAD’s employees in a shared working space thus freeing them from the dull and repetitive tasks such as assembling the suitcases, therefore saving the production time involved.

·         RUPES

RUPES is a global leader manufacturer of power tools used in polishing and sanding. For 50 years the company has maintained its record of making quality products by eliminating defects and waste on its production line while improving their employees working conditions.

RUPES deployed several UR3 robots on its production line to take over the tiresome and monotonous jobs enabling the workers to concentrate on more rewarding tasks. Some of the power tools RUPES manufactures include grinders, sanders and polishers which have many small parts.

The tightening phase of assembling the parts when manually done can be very challenging since the screws ought to be tightened to an optimal degree to avoid breakage. The UR cobots on the other hand perform this task very easily as they are able to achieve precise positioning and accurate force control that ensures each screw is fixed to the exact specification.

To ensure a safe working environment for their employees the company customized the advanced safety features of the cobots making them user friendly, easy to use, quick to install and program. The successful implementation of the UR robots has enabled RUPES to achieve their goal of making products with ‘zero defects’.

·         Betacom

Betacom is a New Zealand based company that develops lighting solutions for roads, areas and tunnels. The company has a strict emphasis of making high quality lighting solutions since they provide lighting to areas where visibility is very essential. The complexity of their products requires them to be identical to the original design because even a small element such as a human fingerprint can negatively affect the performance of the final design.

The company acquired a UR10 robot assembly and customized it with different tools in order to efficiently make new LED lighting products. The collaborative robot enables Betacom to avoid any mistakes involved in the production process such as positioning the LED lenses in different orientations to ensure a good spread of light and also eliminating the touching of the lenses by human hands hence avoiding cases of contamination.


Universal Robots game changing robots have enabled the above mentioned companies and many others all over the world to automate their assembly lines applications thereby increasing the quality of their production output.