Top 5 Apps To Track Your Mortgage Loan

In the past, purchasing a house is no easy task. Up until the 1930s when mortgage loans were introduced, it is said that only about ten percent of American families own their homes. As we know, buying a home in cash is expensive. Nowadays, taking out a house on a mortgage is easy as long as you have the requirements. Texas cash out loan rules have changed over the years to cater to the majority of expected borrowers.

Even selecting your house to buy is more comfortable now since there are many apps you can use for comparison. You no longer have to check on every listing there is to find the best property for you. Through the apps, you can enter what you want in a house, including pricing and location, and it will search compatible matches for you. And there are also many different loan calculators you can use online to give you a rough estimate of how much you can borrow and pay every month.

Lastly, you may also want to try out the different applications to track your mortgage loans and payments. These are real-time trackers so you can check how your investment is at the moment. There are many such kinds of applications, but here are the best ones.

Mortgages Pro

Mortgages Pro is one of the best payment trackers that works with Apple devices. It offers the user a clear picture of the status of their loans. You can enter the price of the house, interest rate, down payment, the term of the loan, property tax rate, insurance costs, and other fees for more accurate tracking. The only thing missing in this app is a payment date feature, so you need to keep a separate schedule for paying your loan.

Mortgage Payoff Track

This app makes use of charts and graphs to offer a clear picture of the principal balance as it goes down with each payment. It is an excellent app if you want to check how close you are to getting your loan paid off. You can also use it to calculate how much you can save with each extra payment.

Mortgage Mentor

Mortgage Mentor is one of the coolest apps you will see if you want a planning tool as well as a real-time tracking tool. The interface lets users change variables to make adjustments on how they want their mortgage loans to be. It is the most popular app for out-year payment calculation for variable-rate mortgages.

Loan Calculator Pro

The Loan Calculator Pro is just like the other applications mentioned above but better since it has a time feature. It offers borrowers a monthly payment reminder so you will never forget to make your payments again. Another useful feature about this is it allows the user to specify a future date to complete the mortgage payment and recalculates the monthly payment accordingly to reach that goal.

Bill Payment Log

Bill Payment Log is an app that is used to track mortgage payments. The good thing about this is that it allows you to track multiple loans all at the same time, so it is easier for you to budget and make necessary adjustments to cater to all of your loans monthly.